Protect Agriculture, Open Space & Our Quality of Life

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Are you frustrated by traffic jams, water shortages, overcrowded schools, loss of farms, and our county becoming a garbage dump for Silicon Valley? These problems are the result of years of shortsighted decisions made by our County Supervisors who are unduly influenced by developers and other moneyed interests.

Good news: This November, you can change this by voting YES on Measure Q -- the citizens Initiative, titled "Let Voters Decide How San Benito County Grows". Measure Q takes major land use decisions out of the hands of Supervisors and gives them to voters.

Over 24 years ago, three California counties (Napa, Sonoma and Ventura) passed initiatives like Measure Q and halted sprawl development. Today, they still have significant agriculture and open space, plus strong economies. The residents of these counties are happier with their quality of life than the residents of other overcrowded counties. We hope to follow in the footsteps of these three visionary counties.

A brighter future is within our reach!

How Sonoma, Napa & Ventura Stopped Urban Sprawl

And Protected Their Resources for Future Generations

History of Three Counties

Ventura County 1998

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Sonoma County 1996

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Napa County 1990

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