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501(c)4 Nonprofit & FPPC Committee

We're a passionate group of volunteers (mostly retirees & some youth) who care deeply about our community. Campaign to Protect San Benito County* is our FPPC committee (#1445331) and also our 501(c)4 nonprofit that engages in local campaigns. Since 2013, we've worked to protect our precious natural resources. We've banned fracking and slowed sprawl development. Our past successful campaigns are listed below.

* Our past FPPC committees include: San Benito Rising, Protect San Benito, Preserve Our Rural Communities, & Coalition to Protect San Benito

We Opposed Developing 2,777 Acres of Agricultural Land (Strada Verde)

We Won NO on Measure N (59.5% of Votes) in November 2020

We Won a Referendum that Opposed Developing the Hwy 101 Nodes

We Won NO on Measure K (60 % of Votes) in March 2020

We Banned Fracking & Risky Oil Drilling in Our County

We Won Measure J (58% of Votes) in November 2014