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3 Counties Protected Their Resources for Future Generations.

So have Cities like Gilroy, Watsonville, etc.

Over 25 years ago, three California counties (Sonoma, Napa and Ventura) passed initiatives that put major land use decisions in the hands of voters. They halted the sprawl development that plagues many counties located near metropolitan areas. Today, they still have significant agriculture and open space

Voters in many California cities (Gilroy, Morgan Hill, Watsonville, etc.) passed similar Initiatives using Urban Growth Boundaries (UGBs).

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History of Three Counties

 Ventura  County   1998  

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 Sonoma  County   1996  

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Napa  County      1990  

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California Cities with Urban Growth Boundaries

 Voters in many California Cities have passed Initiatives that require a vote of the people before farmland and open space can be annexed into the city limits and developed. These are known as Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) Initiatives.

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