Funders of Initiative Petition

The State of California requires the following post for top donors to the Petition effort for our initiative (Measure Q). Our funding is from our 501(c)4, Campaign to Protect San Benito, formerly called Preserve Our Rural Communities. All of our 82 Petition signature gatherers are volunteers.

Funders of Measure Q Campaign

Our detailed campaign finance reports (FPPC 460 forms) are online at, under eRetrieval.

Local Donors

We get donations from local supporters who attend fundraising events like the Farm-to-Table Brunch at Pinnacle Farm. Many local donors have contributed to our past campaigns, such as Measure J (2014) and Measures K and N (2020).

Lawsuit Award

We won a lawsuit against the Betabel developer (Rider McDowell) and the County of San Benito. The Superior Court initially awarded us $54,196, which was appealed. (We cannot share the Final Settlement due to a nondisclosure agreement.)

Conservation Groups

Environmental groups involved with protecting San Benito County's wildlife and natural resources contribute to our campaign: Save Mount Diablo, Green Foothills, and Wildlife Conservation Network. The latter donates to our 501c3 (Protect San Benito County).